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Do you need to schedule a videoconferencing meeting in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area?  Contact Cedar Rapids Videoconferencing by enlighten technologies incorporated™. When the local business community indicated the need for a videoconferencing center to communicate with other businesses across the country and around the world, enlighten technologies, inc. made the decision to rent conference rooms equipped with the necessary technological tools for local businesses to videoconference with one another at almost any location imaginable.  At enlighten technologies™, we provide videoconferencing room rentals for general business meetings, conference calls, interviews, depositions, legal seminars, mediations, etc. 

With unpredictable weather conditions making driving and flying difficult, videoconferencing is a cost-effective solution that provides you with a comfortable and convenient environment.  Whether you need a conference room equipped to host a video call between two parties, or you are interested in saving substantial travel costs by facilitating a deposition or legal seminar via video, enlighten™ will provide a cost effective solution for your bridging and videoconferencing needs. 

enlighten™ has been in business since 1994 providing clients with cutting edge technological products and services.  We have over 10 years of videoconferencing and IT network experience.  Please e-mail cbigler@enlightentech.net or call 1-800-529-5121 to set up your videoconferencing room rental today.  We guarantee to provide the best possible videoconferencing experience in the Cedar Rapids area!  

(Cedar Rapids, Iowa enlighten technologies, inc.™ Data Center)

Please see below for current room rental rates for the Cedar Rapids Videoconferencing Center in Iowa.


Videoconferencing Services:*

Pricing Structure:


Conference Room

 per hour pricing


IP Bridging

per location pricing


Call for Pricing

Phone: 1-800-529-5121






$95.00 per hour   


IT Service fee

$75.00 per hour    


Additional Rooms & ISDN Services

Call for Pricing


*If you need videoconferencing bridging for a multipoint video call, we can assist with this service also.

For your convenience, enlighten™ has two Iowa based videoconferencing facilities fully furnished for your needs.  The Cedar Rapids facility is located in the downtown area at 330 First Street Southeast and the Iowa City facility is located at 103 East College Street, #300.  If you would like to schedule a videoconferencing room, you may call 1-800-529-5121 and inquire or you may send an e-mail to VideoRoom@enlightentech.net.  In your e-mail, please include the following:

1.     Contact’s Name and Phone Number

2.     Firm’s Billing Address

3.     Video Call Start Date and Time

4.     Video Call Estimated Length in Hours

5.     Contact Name and Phone Number of Guest You are Videoconferencing

6.     Location of Guest

7.     Video Room IP Address of Guest - If guest does not have an IP Address, they will need a remote video room setup, which will be an additional charge.

Please allow three (3) business days for event scheduling to be finalized. If there is a conflict with the requested date and/or time, we will notify you within twenty-four (24) hours of your e-mail. To expedite scheduling, please plan on a back-up date and/or time.

Note: Cancellation of a scheduled video room without proper notice will result in a charge equal to half the cost of your reservation.  A cancellation within forty-eight (48) hours prior to the video call constitutes proper notice and will result in a set-up charge only.


Please e-mail comments, questions or suggestions to webmaster@enlightentech.net or call (800) 529-5121.

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